These fun Pumpkin Patch Pals® activities will engage your students and keep their minds active. Pumpkin Patch Pals® demonstrate to your students what you already know – a healthy mind and body helps them grow strong.

Crossword Puzzle

Test your smarts with this crossword puzzle, and pat yourself on the back when you fill in all the correct words!

Download Crossword Puzzle
Download Crossword Puzzle Key


Be wise with this energizing fruit and veggie vocabulary-matching exercise! Match words with their definitions.

Download Vocabulary
Download Vocabulary Key

Word Search

Find the hidden words in our Pumpkin Patch Pals® Word Search game. Search up and down, diagonally, and every which way!

Download Word Search
Download Word Search Key

Writing Practice

Trace these healthy words and then write them in the space provided, and you’ll have the best looking words in your class!

Download Writing Practice Worksheet