January Gardening Checklist


Welcome to the January edition of our gardening checklist! As the new year begins, it's time to prepare your garden for the upcoming seasons. Here's a comprehensive list of tasks to ensure a thriving and beautiful garden throughout the year.

  1. Clean Up and Remove Debris:

    • Remove fallen leaves, dead plants, and debris to prevent diseases and pests. Yes we are still doing this from December:) As mentioned, I leave my leaves as a natural mulch in my flower beds and around my borders. This helps protect the soil as natural mulch, helps with erosion control and also provides nutrients to the soil as the leaves decompose. 
  2. Prune Deciduous Trees and Shrubs:

    • Prune during the dormant season to encourage vigorous growth and shape plants. Check your plants- is there new growth coming? For instance, for my Blueberries, and a lot of my fruit bearing trees, I will not be pruning them until a  little later in the winter, before new growth appears. 
  3. Inspect and Repair Garden Structures:

    • Check and repair fences, trellises, and garden beds to ensure they're ready for the growing season. We are also planning new structures-this might be the year we add a green house, as well as a new trellis system. I am planning now, so when the weather clears up, we can execute our projects seamlessly.
  4. Plan and Order Seeds:

    • Plan early and order seeds to get a better selection and ensure timely delivery. This also gives you time to organize and lay out what you are going to plant and when! If you are in need of Pumpkins seeds, BBP is releasing a new line of ornamental pumpkin seeds so stay tuned. 
  5. Test and Amend Soil:

    • Test soil pH and fertility, and amend with compost or organic matter for improved structure. 
  6. Start Indoor Seeds:

    • Start seeds indoors for an early start to the growing season, especially for longer maturation plants.
  7. Protect Plants from Frost:

    • Cover vulnerable plants during frost to prevent damage and ensure survival.
  8. Monitor for Pests and Diseases:
    • Regularly monitor for pests and diseases to allow for early detection and treatment.

    As you embrace the gardening journey in January, these tasks lay the foundation for a bountiful and healthy garden. Take the time to care for your plants, tend to your soil, and prepare for the beauty that will unfold in the coming months. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, this checklist ensures that your garden is set on the right path. Here's to a successful and joyous year of gardening ahead! Happy planting!