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The Pumpkin Patch Pals® can help you in the classroom. Included in here is a fun lesson outline for 2nd and 3rd graders, teaching the importance of healthy eating and staying active. Come on in and bring your class!

Have your students met the Pumpkin Patch Pals®? We make it easy to add them into the classroom with a lesson outline on eating healthy and staying fit! And we have TONS of fun activities your class will LOVE!

Want a fun and healthy fundraiser? Our Fruit Deco® products are the perfect choice and a great way to teach kids healthy eating. You’ll be surprised at what can be done to fruit that promotes your school! Visit Fruit Deco® for more information.

Classroom Pals

Integrating Pumpkin Patch Pals® into your classroom lesson is a great way to teach kids about eating healthy. Meet the Pals – they’re fun, they eat healthy, and they love being active!

Lesson Outline

Make Pumpkin Patch Pals® part of your classroom! We have made it easy for you to add them with our Eating Healthy lesson outline!


These fun Pumpkin Patch Pals® activities will engage your students and keep their minds active. Pumpkin Patch Pals® demonstrate to your students what you already know – a healthy mind and body helps your students grow strong.

Coloring Pages

Coloring is fun with the Pumpkin Patch Pals®! The coloring pages offer a variety of Pumpkin Patch Pals® characters for your students to enjoy. They can color the pages with crayons, colored pencils, chalk or paint sets!


Pumpkin Patch Pals® know it’s Hip to be Fit and are great role models for kids in eating healthy and staying active. Watch as they take the watermelon stage with Digz in their song “Hip to be Fit” then check out our informative PSAs!

Giving Back

Pumpkin Patch Pals® believe in giving back to our communities. That means supporting local, regional, national, and global organizations that support children, individuals and families.

Where to Buy

You can find all the Pals at your local grocery or specialty store. Check out our list and if you don’t see your local store, check back as we are adding more regularly. You can also go directly to our online shop.


This page includes links to First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move, aimed at reducing childhood obesity. Also included is a link to Fruits & Veggies More Matters.