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Fruit Deco

All Products are Grown,
Decorated, Packed and Shipped
in the


Fruit Deco™ products make excellent holiday presents, memorable reception gifts and more. Our luscious fruit is perfect for any occasion and makes a tasteful gift your guests will remember long after the fruit is gone.

Corporate Promotion & Gifts

A Fruit Deco™ gift with your logo is always in good taste at sales meetings, trade shows or on holidays.

Wholesale & Retail Grocery

Our fruit is delivered in innovative attractive cartons, allowing customers to see the quality of the design and fruit. Choose from dozens of designs to delight your customers during the holiday season.


Imagine your school or organization logo applied directly to our beautiful fruit. Contact us to discuss design options and pricing!

Special Events

Make a special day even more special with a tasteful Fruit Deco™ design. Choose from dozens of designs to delight your participants.

Specialty Advertising

This is “advertising with a peel.” Your target customers will eat up your message when it’s delivered in this memorable and healthy format.


Greet your guests with an unforgettable piece of fresh fruit featuring your property’s logo on a luscious apple, pear, or one of our other delectable fruits. Your special guests will be delighted with a basket of these beauties waiting for them in their suite.

Cruise Lines

These healthy snacks will help your passengers cast off their cares as they embark on a voyage of adventure and relaxation.

Golf Courses

Tee up a treat for your tournament guests by offering their logo on apples or pears as part of the catering package for the event.


Corporate identity never looked better on a break table. Fresh fruit is a welcome, healthy, and memorable addition to your catering plans.

Wedding Table Favors

The bride and groom make a perfect pair, so why not reflect their names and special date on a perfect … pear?

Gift Baskets

Add our deliciously decorated Fruit Deco™ products to your baskets for an unforgettable addition.

Gift Pack Boxes

Our packages look as beautiful as our fruit. Display your selection in our attractive boxes for everyone to see.