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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you eat the design?
Yes, you can. It is made from our own confectionery recipe, similar to the “M” on the ever popular candy.

Will the design come off?
No, the design does not wash off or rub off.

Does the design taste like anything?
No, the design itself has no flavor, but the mouthwatering taste of our fresh fruit are bursting with flavor.

How many designs are available and what can I order?
We have a variety of designs to choose from for our retail gift packs. However, buyers with wholesale quantity orders may contact our company by choosing their own stock designs, or contact us with a custom logo.


Is the fruit ready to eat?
Yes. However, as with any produce, it is always good to wash it before you eat it.

What kinds of apples can I order?
The varieties we offer for decoration are the Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, and Jonagolds. They are offered fresh within their growing season, and after that are subject to availability.

What kinds of pears can I order?
The varieties we offer for decoration are the D’Anjou, Red D’Anjou, and Bosc. They are offered fresh within their growing season and after that are subject to availability.

How long will the fruit last?
Fruit is a perishable product. The apples have a shelf life of up to four weeks in refrigeration. The pears last in refrigeration, and do not start their ripening process until they are removed from the refrigerator. Please visit the Pear Bureau Website for information on ripening pears.


What is the minimum quantity I can order?
You can order one gift pack (which contains 6 pieces of fruit). We also can arrange for wholesale ordering and shipping by contacting our company.

Can I order from your Website?
Yes, you certainly can. Please visit our products page, choose your design, then select the quantity and variety of fruit you desire.

How can I order wholesale?
Sign up as a wholesaler, and once we have verified your status, you can shop online, submit an order online and get a quote from us within one business day. If you need help immediately, contact us.


How do you package the apples & pears?
We take great care in handling and packing our fruit. They come gift packed with a foam insert to protect the fruit during shipment.

What do I do if I receive a bad shipment?
We guarantee our product. Usually a bad shipment occurs because of how the product is handled after it leaves our facility. Please contact us directly for replacement of product.

How do you ship your product?
We ship via FedEx Ground, unless the gift pack contains pears in which case we ship two day or overnight to ensure the freshness of our product. There is an added charge for two day and overnight shipping.