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About Our Farm

Bay Baby Produce was established by two innovative women, Michele Youngquist and Liz Mitchell, who grew their small business from the soil and an idea. Planted between the beautiful Puget Sound and the rugged North Cascade mountain range, Bay Baby Produce, is in the Skagit River Valley. This area is one of the most fertile growing regions in North America.

Liz & Michele

liz-and-micheleMichele (right) has been in the pumpkin painting business for the past 30 years. Originally, Michele farmed several crops before concentrating on mini and pie-size painted pumpkins. Liz (left) joined Michele in a new pumpkin patch in 2002. With an extensive background in elementary education, marketing and material development, she designed and developed the Pumpkin Patch Pals characters. To this day these fun characters are ambassadors for healthy eating and exercise. Check out the fun video! Liz Mitchell passed away in 2012, however, her dreams for the company have not.


Bay Baby Produce, originally AMF Farms, began with just 30 acres of soil, and an idea to give pumpkins a personality by painting a face on them. The idea was a hit and since then the company has developed a proprietary painting and production process that is able to provide consistent, top quality painted pumpkins. In 2000, the company developed their signature Pumpkin Patch Pals®. The pals are a vibrant crew of individually hand decorated, painted mini pumpkins with happy, festive character faces and distinctive, feathery hair. Today, Bay Baby Produce grows about 250 acres consisting of miniature pumpkins, pie baking pumpkins, and an assortment of ornamental pumpkins.

In the last 5 years we’ve expanded our business to include organic winter squash. In 2016 we planted over 50 acres of organic land. In an effort to commit ourselves to sustainable organic farming our business joined the Sustainable Food Trade Association.

Bay Baby Produce also produces, Fruit Deco™, premium gift-quality apples and pears custom decorated by a proprietary process that was researched and developed by Bay Baby Produce. We do not use decals, each piece of Premium Gift Fruit is individually decorated using our Fruit Deco™ recipe. Fruit Deco™ is completely edible and is tasteless. While eating our mouthwatering fruit, the only thing you will notice is the incredible taste of the fruit and the visual appeal of the art.

The innovation of the two women who started Bay Baby Produce is embedded into its dynamic ever changing and growing business structure. Bay Baby Produce is continuously working to improve our processes to provide the highest quality product, and developing new products for our customers to enjoy!

Liz and michele